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CGLN partner Gravity will be home to UK's largest gigafactory

1 Mar 2024

The CGLN is delighted to share some recent news from one of our partner organisations This is Gravity Ltd.

After extensive engagement between Gravity, industry and government, a transaction was agreed with Agratas to purchase 307 acres of the site to build the UK’s largest Gigafactory. It represents a £4bn investment and will directly create 4,000 jobs and many more in the wider supply chain.

This announcement is hugely significant for the UK as a whole. By the early 2030s, it will contribute almost half of the projected battery manufacturing capacity required for the UK automotive sector.

CGLN Co-Founder and Chairman of Gravity, commented:

"...It’s impossible to overstate how important this is for the UK. It is the catalyst to kick-start the electric vehicle revolution in the UK.

As the biggest battery gigafactory in the UK, and one of the largest in Europe, its transformational impact will be enormous."

The development of battery technologies is critical to the decarbonisation of transport and acceleration of the UK’s progress on electrification.

The importance of battery technologies has increase significantly in recent years, as they increasingly underpin several of the technologies that will enable the global transition towards net-zero.

For some time now, many within Government and the industry have feared that without the development of British gigafactories, that the UK could risk falling behind its European counterparts and lose out on almost 100,000 green jobs.

Aiding the transition to a power system that relies on low-carbon technologies is an essential step towards delivering clean, cost-effective domestic energy and address our vulnerability to fossil fuels, and a key part of delivering the government’s 2023 Powering up Britain Plan.  

The CGLN is proud of its small role in bringing key players together to help secure this outcome, which is of vital importance in strengthening the British automotive sector as well as providing increased battery storage capability for the grid.

Find out more about the Gravity site here

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