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The energy sector underpins all modern human activity – from heating our homes to powering heavy industry. 

A radical shift in how we generate, store and use energy is a prerequisite to building a sustainable future and meeting climate targets. 

We’re bringing together current and future leaders to help develop and implement to scale the energy solutions required to power a modern, sustainable world.


Global energy-related CO2 emissions are estimated to have rebounded by more than 4% in 2021 as demand for coal, oil and gas bounced back with the economy.


Around two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to burning fossil fuels for energy to be used for heating, electricity, transport and industry.

Energy Fellows

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Dr Bassam Fattouh

Director of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Bassam Fattouh.jpg

Professor Neil Strachan

Director of UCL's Energy Institute 

Neil Strachan headshot.jpg

Dr Richard Carmichael CPsychol, FRSA

Co-Leader of the Behaviour change in Energy and Environment Policy (‘BEEP’) Network of Excellence, Imperial College London

Dr Richard Carmichael.jpg

Professor Pam Thomas

CEO of the Faraday Institution 

Pam Thomas2.jpg

Joan MacNaughton 

Non-Executive Director at Heathrow Airport 

Joan MacNaughton.jpg

Youth Advisory Council Members for Energy

Asset 70.png

Dr Reza Mirfayzi - Energy, Nuclear 

"...I believe the answer can be summarised into suitable energy management while exploring new sources of energy, making the existing ones more efficient, and leading the market and finances in the right place where changes are profitable and desirable to all."
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