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The extraction of our planet’s resources has forever been part of human civilisation. Mining has provided the raw materials necessary to achieve all modern technological advancements. Moreover, we will continue to need as much, if not more, of these resources to develop greener technologies to decarbonise our world. 


However, mining often comes at a cost and must be balanced against the mark operations leave on the environment, public health, and conflicts. 


We’re bringing together current and future leaders to develop truly sustainable ways of extracting and utilising materials to build technologies of the future. 

+ 500%

The extraction of minerals could increase by nearly 500% by 2050, to meet the growing demand for clean energy technologies.

The World Bank

4% - 7%

Mining is responsible for 4% to 7% of emissions globally.


Mining Fellows

Click here to meet the growing CGLN fellowship.

Professor Karen Hudson-Edwards

Professor in Sustainable Mining at the Camborne School of Mines


Lord Barker of Battle

Former UK Energy and Climate Change Minister and Former Executive Chairman of EN+ Group

Lord Barker 2.jpg

Mining Youth Advisory Councillors

CGLN-youth-advisory-council-Lucy Crane.png

Dr Lucy Crane

"There are huge opportunities for the mining industry to decarbonise, and it can have a significant global impact. I think many people don’t fully appreciate how mineral intensive the energy transition is going to be, so it’s more important than ever that we explore for and extract these minerals, which are vital for low carbon technologies, in the most responsible manner possible."
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