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Youth Advisory Council 2023/24

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The CGLN Youth Advisory Council

The CGLN is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to connect innovative thinking with swift action in order to decarbonise our economy. 

We are creating a platform for different voices – across sectors, disciplines, and demographics – to connect, share research, debate, and generate practical, long-term climate solutions.

To ensure effective cross-generational collaboration, we have instituted an additional governing body, in the form of our Youth Advisory Council.


Now going into its second year, our council members use their sector-specific insight to guide the work of the organisation and the growth of the Network membership.

Joining our Youth Advisory Council is an excellent opportunity to promote yourself as a leader within the clean growth space, expand your professional network and help shape solutions within your sector.

Example of the Council's activities 

The CGLN looks to support young voices and promote them via our engagement channels, connecting them to relevant parts of our network.


We encourage our council members to take initiative and actively engage with our network portal and our social media channels so they can gain access to a wide network and make connections to relevant colleagues.


The below list serves only as an illustrative list of a few types of activities the current cohort of our Council members are engaged in - we will be looking to expand  and we are looking to develop and further diversify those with your participation as well as create new ones as your ideas are very valuable to us.

Contributing to the CGLN Podcast 

Our Youth Advisory Councilmembers have the opportunity to promote their voices through our recently established podcast channel - 'Connecting on Climate'. 


Head over to our Spotify channel to take a look and follow the podcast.


Publishing blog pieces                                                                   

Councilmembers can use our platform to publish blogs and insight pieces. For example, take a look at one of our Energy lead's insight pieces explaining the role fusion could play in bringing us to net-zero.

Participating in Climate Week NYC 

As part of Climate Week NYC, each of the CGLN’s Youth Advisory Council Members organised and moderated thematic panel sessions across a two-day event (September 20th & 21st) to discuss practical, innovative ways to make their respective sectors fit for purpose in a sustainable world.

Check out the session recordings here.

Interviewing our expert Fellows

We are keen to connect cross-generational conversations - our Councilmembers have the opportunity to conduct interviews with our expert Fellows within their sectors to explore key issues.


Check out our Agriculture lead's interview with Professor David Barling into the consequences of the war in Ukraine on food security.

Our current council members 

Our current Youth Advisory Council has been instrumental in helping us to build the foundation of our Network.


Our 23/24 cohort will work alongside the current councilmembers to ensure a smooth governance transition in March.

Click here to view our current cohort

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