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Connecting people and ideas to build a prosperous future for all.

Climate change is the biggest threat that modern humans have ever faced, but we are yet to implement the solutions needed to mitigate and reverse its effects.

We all want to leave a cleaner and greener legacy for future generations. That’s why individuals and organisations across the world are working to develop practical solutions to how we decarbonise our societies.

But to overcome this monumental challenge, we need to connect thinking with action and collaborate across sectors, disciplines and demographics.

It's only by bringing all relevant stakeholders together to debate their ideas in an accessible way that we will develop effective long-term solutions.

We are playing our part by building a world-class network for business leaders, scientists, academics, engineers, policymakers, civil society and beyond to collaborate and confront one of the biggest challenges of our time, the transformation to a clean economy.


Climate change is an existential threat to our common future.

Our economy today is endangering the planet and compromising the prosperity of future generations. We need to act urgently to change the system. 

Action requires leadership. The CGLN is an independent, private and not-for-profit organisation, harnessing the power of networks to build a platform for academic and scientific innovators to connect with business leaders, financiers and policy-makers to generate solutions to tackle the climate crisis and build a prosperous world.

Key Principles 

Diversity of Thought

We are not a lobby organisation and we don’t advocate for any single solution. Instead, we create a forum for healthy debate and constructive challenge in pursuit of progress towards common goals.

Seeing the bigger picture

We cannot solve the climate crisis by operating in silos. We connect people across sectors, disciplines and demographics to develop long-term, systemic solutions.

Bias for action:

We know we need rapid progress to decarbonise before it is too late. We are working to promote the insight needed to help develop and scale up long-term solutions at speed.

Mandate for change

To solve the climate crisis we need everybody, from all areas of society to be included in the journey. We use our network platform to help shape an accessible conversation to help achieve a just-transition.



We bring together eminent individuals from across society, with differing views but a shared commitment to acting on the climate crisis. 

Youth Advisory Council:

We identify the leaders of tomorrow to ensure that the next generation has a meaningful voice in discussions that will impact their future. 


We activate the power of our networks by creating events and platforms that bring people together to learn, inspire and debate the solutions. 


We provide a platform to share the excellent thinking being done to tackle the climate crisis with a large cross-sector and cross-generational audience. 

Solving the climate crisis one connection at a time

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