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Accelerating the transition to a clean economy

Climate change an environmental degradation is an existential threat to our common future.


We know that we need to re-engineer the global economy so that it's clean and fit for the future. To do so will require great innovation and investment into new ideas, technologies and businesses.

Whilst the challenge is staggering, it brings an unparalleled opportunity.

The Clean Growth Leadership Network (CGLN) has been created to help accelerate the transition towards a clean economy by promoting effective collaboration between industry, academia, policymaking, finance and civil society. 


We are an independent, not-for-profit, network organisation, working to build a world-class network of businesses, investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry experts, scientists and academic institutions.

The network will identify opportunities for CGLN Fellows, partners and members to interact in such a manner that knowledge and capital are injected into appropriate situations - in a way that impacts clean growth measurably.

Effective collaboration is key to tackling complex challenges. By working across both sectors and disciplines, we can connect those with great ideas to those who can help make them a reality. 

Key Principles 

Vision into Action

We believe that by connecting those with great ideas to those who can help make those ideas a reality, we can help turn vision into action.

Business Opportunity

We recognise the opportunity presented to us in building a clean, green economy. We believe that tackling climate change and growth can go hand in hand.

Diversity of Thought

We are not a lobbying organisation and we don’t advocate for any single solution. We support the development of green industries that will help drive clean growth. 

Working Collaboratively

We cannot achieve the transition by working in silos. We connect people across sectors, disciplines and demographics to work collaboratively.



We facilitate opportunities for network members to interact so that knowledge and capital are injected into clean growth initiatives. 


We invite organisations to gain access to a growing community of innovators, thought leaders and industry change-makers and drive the change towards a clean and sustainable global economy.  


We bring together eminent individuals from across society, with differing views but a shared commitment to transitioning to a clean economy. 

Youth Advisory Council:

We identify the leaders of tomorrow to ensure that the next generation has a meaningful voice in discussions that will impact their future. 

Accelerating the transition to a clean economy

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