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What is the CGLN?

The Clean Growth Leadership Network (CGLN) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to accelerate the transition to a clean economy. 

We are doing this by building a world-class network of businesses, investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry experts, scientists and academic institutions.

The network will help to connect those with ideas, to those who can help further those ideas through the injection of knowledge or capital. By doing so, we will help to turn vision into action. 

Are you a lobbying organisation?

CGLN is independent and non-partisan and supports the development of green industries that will help drive clean growth. We do not advocate for specific solutions.

Why do you focus on nine sectors?

Our nine sectors have been identified as either the sectors which will be the most difficult to decarbonise or sectors that are crucial in achieving decarbonisation (such as finance or GHG removal).


We are keen for our organisation to grow organically. As such, we may add or subtract sectors in the future depending on whether we believe them to be a significant challenge when creating a clean economy.

How do you select your Network members?

The CGLN Network is made up of three parts: Fellows, Member Organisations, and Youth Advisory Council.

Our Fellows are high-level experts, leading organisations in their fields and are appointed by invitation only.

Our member organisations make up the core part of our organisation. Through their participation within the network, they can share their activities on our platform and connect with our growing group of experts, innovators and industry change-makers to drive the transition to a clean economy. 

Our Youth Advisory Council is a group of young leaders working across our different sectors. Their appointment to the CGLN ensures that the next generation has a meaningful voice in discussions that will impact their future.  

How can I apply to join the Youth Advisory Council

We have been piloting our youth advisory group over the past two years. We are currently redeveloping the programme - as soon as our call for applications is ready to be launched, we will be sure to let you know.

Who funds the CGLN?

The Clean Growth Leadership Network is fortunate to receive support from our member organisations.

If your organisation would like to find out more about supporting the CGLN, the benefits you receive from doing so and the impact your support can have to help us drive positive change towards a sustainable global economy, please get in touch with the team at 

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