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What is the CGLN?

The Clean Growth Leadership Network (CGLN) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to connect leading voices in the climate change space.

We are creating a platform for different voices – across sectors, disciplines, and demographics – to connect, share research, debate, and generate practical, long-term climate solutions.

We are building a community of those who are working to solve climate change– from students to CEO’s and everything in between.

If you are working to build a better world across policymaking, business, science engineering, civil society, academia and beyond, then we want to hear from you.

Are you a lobbying organisation?

Absolutely not.

One thing that differentiates the CGLN is that we are not advocating for any specific solution(s).


We are independent and non-partisan. We provide a safe and effective space for those advocating for solutions to come and tell us why they think that is the case.

It is important to us that we create a space for all voices to be heard. This way we can stimulate impactful debate and shape practical solutions to solve the climate crisis.

Why do you focus on nine sectors?

Our nine sectors were selected by CGLN Founder Sir Dave King, who identified them as either the sectors which will be the most difficult to decarbonise or sectors that are crucial in achieving decarbonisation (such as finance or GHG removal).


We are keen for our organisation to grow organically. As such, we may add or subtract sectors in the future depending on whether we believe them to be a significant challenge area when it comes to creating a clean economy.

How do you select your Network members?

The CGLN Network is made up of three parts: Fellows, Youth Advisory Council and General Members.

Our Fellows are high level experts, leading organisations in their fields.

Our general membership is more diverse, and is built up of selected  students and professionals who are actively working within one of our nine sectors or generally within the climate change space.

Appointment to the Network as a Fellow or General Member is by invitation only. If you would like to be considered for fellowship or membership please get in touch.

How can I apply to join the Youth Advisory Council

Appointments to the Youth Advisory Council are by appointment on a year-long basis. Applications for the next cohort will open in 2023. Subscribe to our newsletter for the announcement.

Who funds the CGLN?

The Clean Growth Leadership Network has been fortunate to receive start-up funding from Salamanca Group, as well as from Buro Happold, Stantec and Federated Hermes.

We have now launched our 2022/2023 sector-specific sponsorship opportunities. Please get in touch with our Senior Programme Manager at to find out more.

We also accept individual donations. To donate to support the work of the Network, please visit our donation page.

My organisation is interesting in becoming a Network sponsor – who should I contact?

That’s great!

Please get in touch with our Senior Programme Manager, at who will be delighted to discuss our sponsorship opportunities.

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