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We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation. To continue our work, the CGLN relies on support from the public and the business community.

We are grateful to have received financial support from the following organisations to help us launch the Network:

To help the CGLN connect the people with innovative ideas to the places and sectors where climate solutions are needed, we need financial support from businesses and individuals who align with our mission. 

Find out how your business can support the Network, get in touch today.


CGLN is a non-profit organisation and relies on international backing by supporters.

Your support goes towards the following activities:

  • Connecting to and establishing relationships with Fellows and Partners

  • Monitoring, maintenance and bettering the CGLN website and Membership Portal

  • Enabling a continuous flow of high-quality events

  • Providing a digital audience with excellent visuals, videos, podcasts and editorial

  • Providing a fast and efficient Membership support service.


Our Network is proud to promote thought leadership from top organisations working to solve climate challenges. Through our group of expert Fellows, we engage with organisations including: ​​​​​

Oxford Sustainable Finance Group
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