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The CGLN was founded by Sir Dave King, Lord David Triesman, Lord Des Browne and Martin Bellamy in 2021.


Their vision was to build a network to bring together the brightest minds - across different sectors and generations - to work collectively to solve the climate crisis.

Our Board currently consists of four unpaid trustees who are also the directors of the company limited by guarantee. 


"CGLN has some of the world-leading strategists on climate change working together to achieve a prosperous future and healthy environment for all.”

Lord (Des) Browne of Ladyton


“CGLN plays a leading role as we work with business, academics, scientists and policy makers to help define the policies and corporate behaviours required to address climate change.”

Lord (David) Triesman of Tottenham


Martin Bellamy

“With every crisis comes opportunity – we must concretely shift the UK and the world to an economy underpinned by clean growth, creating both jobs and sustainable businesses.


We need to act now, together, and not let climate change destroy our way of life. CGLN is a conduit for this.”

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