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CGLN Interview: Sustainable agriculture must be rooted in science, not ideology.

Science for Sustainable Agriculture describes its purpose as bringing together like-minded individuals and organisations to champion and explain the vital role science and technology have to play in safeguarding our food supply, tackling climate change and protecting the natural environment.

Moreover, they stand ready to expose, comment on and challenge unscientific positions or policy decisions in relation to sustainable agriculture.

They believe that, with its good soils, temperate climate, professional farming sector and world-leading science base, the UK is well placed not only to improve its capacity for sustainable efficient food production, but also to become a global hub for agri-science excellence and innovation: exporting technological solutions, attracting inward investment, and fostering international research collaboration.

The CGLN team connected with Dr Julian Little of Science for Sustainable Agriculture to discuss their most recent report, which sets out recommendations that to have the best chance of feeding an increasingly hungry and warming planet in the most sustainable way, our agricultural policy must be guided by science rather than doctrine.

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