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Youth-led Climate Week Sessions

During Climate Week NYC 2023, members of our Youth Advisory Council led discussions with a range of diverse voices, looking at how their respective sectors can becoming more sustainable.

'Sustainable Intensification: an oxymoron?'

In an era where the need to feed a growing global population intersects with pressing environmental concerns, the concept of sustainable intensification has emerged as a potential solution. This panel aims to delve into diverse perspectives on this term and explore the challenges and opportunities of achieving a practical balance between productivity and sustainability.

Manufacturing: Promoting business linkage across the manufacturing sector

This session will look at how the promotion of business linkage across the manufacturing sector is essential in fostering climate resilience and sustainable value chains, and that by integrating eco-friendly practices and collaborative efforts among manufacturing enterprises, the industry can contribute significantly to a greener future.

Critical Mineral Supply Chains and the Circular Economy

In this session we’ll delve into the interconnection between critical mineral supply chains and the circular economy at the systemic level and the role of collaboration among stakeholders to enable sustainable development.

De-politicising the decarbonisation of transport

In this session we’ll discuss the reality of target-setting and the challenges associated with meeting these in the transport sector.

Innovative Ventures and Climate Change

In this session we will explore how startups are shaping the landscape of climate solutions and how these trailblazers are overcoming the unique challenges posed by the evolving climate crisis.

Voluntary Carbon Markets

This session will explore what is the role of voluntary carbon markets in meeting climate targets and promoting nature-based solutions? And can VCM help channel and scale climate finance to deliver nature conservation and protect biodiversity?



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