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Announcing the 2023/24 CGLN Youth Advisory Council!

5 Apr 2023

The CGLN strongly believes that in solving the climate crisis cross-generational and cross-sectoral dialogue is vital, young people must be engaged in a meaningful way. The leaders of tomorrow will inherit the world of today and, as such, will be the ones to pay the price if we neglect our duty to decarbonise our world.


As such, we are delighted today [5th April] to announce the 2023/24 cohort of our Youth Advisory Council (YAC). The YAC brings together leaders of tomorrow, to ensure that the next generation has a meaningful voice in discussions that will impact their future.


They represent emerging talent across a range of hard-to-abate economic sectors, where accelerated action will be crucial in tackling climate change: energy, transport, agriculture, finance, construction, manufacturing, mining, and greenhouse gas removal.


Following in the footsteps of last year’s council, we are eager to promote the insights of each councilmember and for the Council to play a key role in the development of our organisation.



CGLN’s Director, Yulia Chekunaeva, commented:


“While it is sad to say goodbye to our talented cohort from last year, I am excited to connect with this next group of bright, young voices and promote their voices through our Network.”


The full Youth Advisory Council members for 2022-23 are:


  • Om Nagle (Construction)

  • Jeremiah Thoronka (Energy)

  • Chloe Lewis (Agriculture)

  • Sofia Barbeiro (Climate Finance)

  • Akseli Rouvari(Energy)

  • Alexander Craze (GHG Removal)

  • Om Nagle (Climate Finance)

  • AbdelRahman Fahmy (Manufacturing)

  • Iakov Brilliant (Transport)

  • Gabrielle Peterson (Mining)

Full out more about our new councilmembers here


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