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New CCAG report published urging COP27 to address and compensate for loss and damage

7 Nov 2022

The Climate Crisis Advisory Group (CCAG), chaired by CGLN Co-Founder Sir David King, has today released its latest report ‘The path beyond fossil fuels: seeking a just and orderly transition’. 

The new report calls for #COP27 to address and compensate for loss and damage without delay and for 'infinite loss' from climate impact to be at the forefront of negotiations.

It argues for a reframing of the loss and damage discussion, where loss and damage is not only addressed and compensated, but the deliberative process to achieve it allows no room for nations to delay or deflect from taking all possible immediate steps to reduce their emissions deeply and rapidly.

Sir David King, commented on the report: “The science is clear - the window for a manageable future for humanity is rapidly closing, and we must act now to ensure a just transition is not just aimed for, but achieved. The hurdles cannot distract from the absolute urgency of the task at hand. The wealthiest nations who have contributed the most to climate collapse must now carry the financial burden, and the world has to maintain an unrelenting focus in this pursuit. We need urgent action to reduce emissions, remove CO2 from the atmosphere and repair broken parts of the climate system. CCAG is steadfast in its mission to deliver information and strategic options in this space for all who are looking for it.”

For more information, read CCAG’s report here.

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