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Professor Martin Charter joins the CGLN as a Fellow

13 Dec 2022

Today, 13th December, the CGLN are pleased to officially announce Professor Martin Charter as the newest addition to our expert group of CGLN Fellows.

Professor Martin Charter is the Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design at UCA, which he co-founded in 1995 and has directed since 1996. He is Professor of Innovation and Sustainability and the Chair of Environmental & Social Sustainability Working Group (ESSWG) at UCA.

Prior to joining UCA, Martin worked at director level in a range of business sustainability projects in consultancy, leisure, publishing, training, events and research, with management positions held in strategy, research and marketing at organisations including Save & Prosper Group, Reed International, Creative Marketing Group and Kiveton Park (Holdings) Ltd.

Martin was the launch Director of Greenleaf Publishing, Marketing Director at the Earth Centre and launched a range of SME networks focused on sustainable business, green electronics and eco-innovation.

He has been a member of advisory boards covering green electronics, environmental technology, sustainability reporting, sustainable innovation, including, for example, P&G, InterfaceFlor. EC Eco-Innovation Observatory, ResponseAbility Alliance and World Resources Forum.

Martin was the founder of the ‘Sustainable Innovation’ international conference series that is in its 21st year. He is a regular international conference speaker and is the (co)author and (co)editor of various books and publications - one of which (Eco-innovate! 2013) has had 50,000+ downloads.

Martin has an MBA from Aston Business School (UK) and postgraduate diploma in marketing. Martin was a delegate at The Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. In 2015, Martin co-founded the Farnham Repair Café.

Speaking to the appointment, CGLN Director, Yulia Chekunaeva said: 'Developing a circular economy is of crucial importance if we are to build a more sustainable world. I am delighted that Professor Charter will be joining our Network, and with him bringing excellent knowledge and experience in this area.'

You can find our full list of Fellows here

About the CGLN:

The CGLN is an independent, private, and not-for-profit organisation, harnessing the power of networks to build a platform for academic and scientific innovators to connect with business leaders, financiers and policymakers to generate solutions to tackle the climate crisis and build a clean economy.

We recognise that individuals and organisations around the world are working to develop practical solutions as to how we decarbonise our world. We are building an organisation to connect thinking with action, and to encourage collaboration across sectors, disciplines, and generations

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