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Electrifying the transition

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Join us as we explore the rising role of battery technology in decarbonising our energy and transport systems

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About Event


Register to watch our recent in-person event, where we brought experts together – from across policy, research, industry, and finance – to discuss the extent to which batteries could decarbonise the global transport and energy sectors.

With speakers from The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) The Faraday Institution, and the Green Finance Institute, we examined the opportunities battery technologies present, as well as how to best ways to overcome the challenges of cost, scalability, and circularity.


Session  1

Martin Bellamy.jpg

Martin Bellamy

CGLN Co-Founder and Chairman of Gravity

Professor Pam Thomas.jpg

Professor Pam Thomas

CGLN Fellow and CEO of the Faraday Institution

Professor Paul Monks.jpg

Professor Paul Monks

Chief Scientific Adviser at The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Martin Wood.jpg

Martin Wood

Chief Adviser on Electric Vehicles  and Electric Vehicles and Net-Zero Technologies at the UK Office for Investment


Ian Whiting

Commercial Director at the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC)

Session  2


Wen-Yu Weng

CGLN Youth Advisory Councilmember for Transport

Claire Miller.jpg

Claire Miller

Director of Tech and Innovation at Octopus Electric Vehicles 

Dr Richard Carmichael.jpg

Dr Richard Carmichael

Co-Leader of the Behaviour Change in Energy and Environment Policy Research Network

Lauren Pamma.jpg

Lauren Pamma

Director at the Green Finance Institute 


Professor Liana Cipcigan

CGLN Fellow and Professor in Sustainable Transport at the University of Cardiff

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