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The built environment is responsible for almost 40% of global carbon emissions, with 10% of that figure coming from embodied carbon caused by materials and construction processes. 
Not only will the construction industry need to take action to reduce its direct and induced carbon emissions, but will also need to work to build resilience into new and existing structures against changing weather patterns such as temperature increases and flooding. 
We’re bringing together current and future leaders to help develop and maintain a built environment which is both sustainable and resilient. 

39% of carbon emissions 

Buildings and construction are responsible for 39% of carbon emissions globally, out of which 28% are from energy consumption and  11% from construction materials.


x2 by 2060

Global building floor area is expected to double by 2060.

Construction Fellows

Click here to meet the growing CGLN fellowship.

Simon Corbey

Director at the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

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Julie Hirigoyen

Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council

Julie Hirogyen.jpg

Professor Sean Smith

Director of the Centre for Future Infrastructure

Sean Smith photo.jpg

Construction Youth Advisory Councillor

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Sapna Halai

" deliver sustainable and long-lasting outcomes we must think holistically across the whole life cycle of a project; this includes conception, in-use and end-of-life disposal. To do this, we must get better at working collaboratively with one another to deliver solutions that can meet our wider SDGs and evolve to our future needs over time."
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