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The effects of the industrial revolution, which have provided modern humans with a greatly enhanced standard of living, have also contributed to polluting our planet. 


Emissions from manufacturing stem not only from product creation, but from their use and disposal too. And, as the global population increases, the manufacturing industry is set to expand too. 


We’re bringing together current and future leaders to advance sustainable methods of developing, using and recycling products that can be adapted across supply chains.

54% of energy sources

Global production sectors are responsible for one-fifth of carbon emissions – consuming 54% of the world’s energy sources.

World Economic Forum

800 million tonnes

In Europe, the manufacturing industry emits an annual total of 880 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents.

World Economic Forum

Manufacturing Fellows

Click here to meet the growing CGLN fellowship.

Professor Konstantinos Salonitis

Head of Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre

konstantinos salonitis.jpg

Professor Kerry Kirwan

Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) for the University of Warwick


Professor Steve Evans

Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM)

Steve Evans.jpg

Manufacturing Youth Advisory Councillor

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Ashley Victoria

"...I think we need to strengthen the links between industry and academia across all stages of the supply chain, and understand the challenges faced by companies working to implement sustainable operations into their business."
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