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Petrochemical products are everywhere and are integral to modern society. They include plastics, fertilisers, packaging, clothing, digital devices, medical equipment, detergents, tires and many others. 


Without action, the petrochemical industry will be a significant obstacle in the global efforts to decarbonise. 


We’re bringing together current and future leaders to develop innovative methods of adapting the petrochemical industry to meet projected future product demands sustainably.

Nearly 1/2 of oil by 2050

The growth in demand for petrochemical products means that petrochemicals are set to account for nearly half of oil demand in 2050, ahead of trucks, aviation and shipping.


-2% since 1990

Petrochemicals are one of the key blind spots in the global energy debate, especially given the influence they will exert on future energy trends


Petrochemicals Fellows

We currently do not have any Fellows working in the Petrochemicals sector. 

If you are an expert in this field and would like to be considered for Fellowship please get in touch.


Click here to meet the growing CGLN fellowship.

Petrochemicals Insights

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Manufacturing Youth Advisory Council Member


Dr Gbemi Oluleye 

"...The entire process industrial sector was built around products from petrochemicals, and the petrochemical industry is also important in developing clean cutting edge technological innovations critical to climate change mitigation; yet has received less attention in policies and energy debates."
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